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If you add this item to your cart, you are reserving a whole goat freezer order. We expect your order to be ready between September and November 2017 depending on how fast the animals grow. The $100 charge is a deposit only. The price is $10.99/lb and we expect the goats to be between 30-40lbs each (hanging weight-this means you lose a bit of weight once it is all cut up). This price includes the cost of butchering and cut & wrap. Your $100 deposit will be subtracted from your total cost once your order is ready. You can choose how you would like your cuts; we will email you a sheet with options closer to butchering time and you can contact us for help if you need assistance filling it out. 

Whole Goat Freezer Order

  • Product Code: Whole Goat Freezer Order
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Tags: goat meat

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