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Interested in a payment plan option to help spread out the cost of your beef order? Here's how it works:


1-If you are NOT a Cow Share Member:

We will ask for 4 payments of $125 each, due February 1st, April 1st, June 1st and July 1st. This adds up to $500. A $20 processing fee will be added to your final invoice for this service. The cost of a split half(1/4 beef, mix of front and hind quarters) is currently $5.19/lb and a split half is between 120-160lbs approx, so $622.80 to $830.40. When we deliver your order the balance due will be the difference betwen your $500 payments and the total cost of the order (approx. $142.08 to $250.40). If you are interested in this payment plan, please let us know on checkout when you get to the "Payment Method" there will be a dialog box. We will then send you an email invoice with instructions on how to proceed.


2-If you ARE a Cow Share Member:

*Cow Share members are getting the old price of $4.89/lb for 2017 and will be going up in 2018 to the current price of $5.19/lb. If you would like to consider becoming a member please click here for more info.

Cow Share members have already paid $500 for their Cow Share Investment which entitles them to a split half of beef for 5 years ($110 coming off of your final invoice each year) and is renewable at the end of the 5 years if you so choose.

In the past, we have asked for a $300 deposit from cow share memers for their split half early in the year and the balance due on delivery which is usually close to another $300 depending on the size of your order. (This option is still available and will save you $20.)

For the payment plan; we would ask for 4 payments of $100 each due February 1st, April 1st, June 1st and July 1st. We will be charging $20 for this service and it will be reflected on your final invoice.  To summarize; on your final invoice $400 plus your cow share credit will already be paid = $510. The balance due on delivery will therefore be considerably smaller. (Last year’s orders were between 118 to 160lbs for a split half = $577.02 to $782.40 at the old price of $4.89/lb). So if you do the math, $577.02 + $20(service fee) - $510 = $87.02 due on delivery (this is using an example of a 118 lbs split half).  



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